VIU Students: What online events or workshops would you like to see more of to support you during this time? Please send Student Affairs your suggestions and comments at studentaffairsadmin@viu.ca.


Introducing the Ask Me Anything Virtual Guest Speaker Series

Are you interested in having a scientist or mathematician visit your class and tell your students all about the projects and research they are working on? VIU professors and student researchers in...

Jumping into June with campVIU

campVIU is encouraging you to stay active at home with weekly active and healthy living challenges. Join campVIU program lead Isabella Kortbeek every Tuesday and Thursday on the VIU Mariners...

FREE Text to Speech Program for ALL Staff and Students!

Kurzweil is a free text to speech program available to all staff and students in the VIU Community. The program also features study skills, word prediction, writing templates, concept maps and...

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