We’ve just added an Inside-Out Prison Exchange class to the May-June summer session roster! This three-credit course is being run as CRIM 299 (Selected Topics) and the title of the course is “Exploring Issues of Crime and Justice Behind the Wall.” The course will be held at the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Victoria on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30am - 2:30pm. Bus transportation from the Nanaimo and Cowichan campuses to the correctional centre will be provided at no cost to the students. The class will be comprised of 15 outside students from VIU and 15 inside students from the Right Living Unit at the prison. We will use circle pedagogy to explore the following topics: crime, policy and politics, the prison experiment, criminological influences - why do people commit crime and who gets punished, myths and realities of prison life, a critical analysis of the criminal justice system, the goals of sentencing, victims and victimization and transformative justice. There are no CRIM prerequisites, but interested students should have a minimum of 30 credits of their academic program of study complete by April 30.  

This will be the first time students in disciplines outside of Criminology are being invited to apply. A generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation has allowed us to expand the program from one course per year to three, creating opportunities for students in other disciplines to participate.

Here is a link to our CRIM webpage and additional Inside-Out information:

At this link, students will find more details about the program and information on the application process for the course - as well as the actual application form for the students to fill out and email to me. There is no web registration for this course. This link will take you to a three minute video that was produced in support of our nomination for a Premier’s Award in 2017; it is a great way to hear from alumni and get a quick overview of the program:

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