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Introducing the Ask Me Anything Virtual Guest Speaker Series

Are you interested in having a scientist or mathematician visit your class and tell your students all about the projects and research they are working on? VIU professors and student researchers in our Faculty of Science and Technology are excited to share their knowledge, experience and passions with your students via virtual classroom visits. Parents homeschooling their children may also be able to take advantage of this exciting new series. This free service comes with only one catch – be sure to bring some questions for our speaker to answer!  

Yes! I would love to bring a VIU expert to my class:

  1. Pick your VIU expert from the list below (each speaker has listed their area of knowledge and interests they are happy to share with your students).
  2. Email with the details, including age range of your class, the length of time you want the speaker to talk and which interest you would like them to talk about.
  3. We will connect you with the speaker to arrange a time and platform.
  4. Visits may begin with a short video, demo or puzzle to get the conversation going and then questions are welcome!

Speaker List

Christine Tong, Chemistry Professor

  • Areas of interest: chemistry and art, chemistry of cooking, supramolecular chemistry, general chemistry, paper airplanes


Erik Krogh, Chemistry Professor and Co-Director of the Applied Environmental Research Lab

  • Areas of interest: climate change, pollution, air quality, water quality, environment, energy storage, chemical analysis, chemistry research


Eric Demers, Biology Professor

  • Areas of interest: birds, bird migration, bird song, bird sex, bird banding, ornithology


Peter Diamente, Chemistry Technician

  • Areas of interest: general chemistry, materials chemistry, chemistry demos


Greg Arkos, Astronomy Professor

  • Areas of interest: general astronomy, the night sky, constellations, stars, planets, solar system, black holes, The Big Bang


Liz Gillis, Resource Management and Protection Professor

  • Areas of interest: wildlife, ecological field work, alpine ecology


Patrick Ng, Math Professor

  • Areas of interest: all things math!


Tim Goater, Biology Professor

  • Areas of interest: awesome parasites, insect biodiversity, marine invertebrate ecology

Jerome Lesemann, Earth Science Professor

  • Areas of interest:  Earth Science, Geomorphology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Groundwater, Quaternary and Glacial Geology, Geophysics


Olivia Murphy, senior biology student

  • Areas of interest: sea level rise, greenhouse effect, VIU biology student experience


Misha Zvekic, senior chemistry/biology student

  • Areas of interest: ocean acidification, greenhouse effect, VIU chemistry student experience, chemistry research, microplastics

John-Clare Laxton, graduate chemistry student

  • Areas of interest: chemistry, student research, math, music, travelling, balancing educational/professional/personal life in college, sports