Jumping into June with campVIU

campVIU is encouraging you to stay active at home with weekly active and healthy living challenges. Join campVIU program lead Isabella Kortbeek every Tuesday and Thursday on the VIU Mariners FacebookInstagram and Twitter channels for your challenge. These kid-friendly activities will get you moving, creating, and having fun! Follow along with instructions or do your own twist on ideas, make sure to share your version by tagging @viumariners and #activeathome.

Check out our past Active at Home Challenges including our videos and activites on our website at https://mariners.viu.ca/Rec/virtual



Tuesday, June 2nd: Fort Building 

Today is a day for play! Construct your own blanket forts or challenge yourself to build using cardboard.


Thursday, June 4th: Smoothies

Bring out the blender for some healthy smoothies, check out our recipe or send us yours!


Tuesday, June 9th: Obstacle Course

The floor is lava! set up your very own obstacle course and challenge yourself to avoid falling into the lava!


Thursday, June 11th: Pet Rocks

Pet rocks are back, find and make your very own friend and build some more for family and friends.


Tuesday, June 16th: Dance Challenge

The VIU Mariners Dance team is here to walk you through this awesome dance, learn the moves and try it out!


Thursday, June 18th: Chalk

Build an awesome hopscotch path in front of your house or on the driveway, being careful to not go onto roads, see how many people use your hopscotch trail when walking through.


Tuesday, June 23rd: Hockey

Got a mini stick or hockey stick lying around? Join the VIU Mariners Hockey Team with this sick stick trick.


Thursday, June 25th: Nature Landscape

Take a walk into nature and collect your favourite things, making sure to not take anything off of a live tree. Bring them home to glue and paint your own landscape.


Tuesday, June 30th: My Favourite Place

Bring your household to your favourite outdoor place. Take a timelapse of your journey or a picture at your destination!


Thursday, July 2nd: Homemade Playdough

Did you know you can make your very own playdough at home? Check out our recipe and colours and send us your version!


Tuesday, July 7th: Sprint Races

Challenge your household to a race! Choose your course and give it 100%



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