Direct-Trade Organic Coffee

'Tierra Amiga' is the world's most ethical coffee from the VIU 'Heart of Gold Project: Empowering Costa Rican Farming Communities'

... it tastes even better because

(a) your 'good hearted' purchase supports poor small scale farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by 'big' corporate agro-industries,

(b) it is direct trade (all money goes directly to the farmers)

(c) it is organic and grown with heart!

On an 'honor basis' : Pick up a bag(s) from the box on the 3rd floor of building 250, drop your money into one of the envelope marked ‘HoG’ and then drop the envelope into the mail 'drop-box' to the right.
• one bag $12-15 (or more if you're feeling really big hearted)
• two bags $22
• five bags or more go at $11/bag
• ten bags or more … willing to haggle 

The project is now in its 14th year. Want some reading material on the project? Email me at

Thanks everyone.


David W. Robinson, PhD

Department of Recreation and Tourism Management

Director, Costa Rica Heart of Gold Community Empowerment Project

Office: 250-753-3245 ext. 2491, cell 250-739-2549

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